Tuesday, May 3, 2016

To do May

It's finally May! Ever since a little 'accident' that happened last year, I'm a little bit warry about May but at the same time May is the month when my favorite group ever, SHINee, debuted! They will be holding concerts at Tokyo Dome and Kyocera Dome in Japan, too, this month so I shall lift my mood and face May with lots of enthusiasm! Here are some of my goals for May;
1. Post only mint/turquoise themed images on instagram for a whole month (which means blog image won't show up at times)
2. Write 'favorite Mint colored thing' post on the blog
3. Get my visit permit to Japan from embassy (yes, my trip is pushed back to June)
4. Write a series of intro for my Japan trip post (ex; what do I bring to Japan, etc)
5. DO . NOT . BUY . ANYTHING . UNTIL . JUNE .  10th (unless for JP trip)
6. Tidy up Japan trip initerary
7. Down-size my wardrobe; there are some formal wear that I will not wear anymore. Fold them up and store them in the box
8. Quote of the month; not to be the one shining on, but to the be the one who's shined upon.

These are my goals for May. As you can see, they're centered around my upcoming Japan trip and SHINee. What do you have in mind for this warm, mid-spring season?

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