Friday, June 3, 2016

To do June

June is here which means we're halfway through 2016, and wait, let me sit and process that... okay, okay, it is kind of scary to know that we are already that far, and I'm gonna be cliche here; I swear, 2015 was just like yesterday. That aside, finally my time to visit Tokyo is near. I'm so, so excited, the last time I went there was back in May 2015, but it was for business, I didn't have much time to see my friends. This time, I go there purely for holiday so I immediately contacted them! Some of them already confirmed that yes, we can meet and some other can't. I'm leaving empty spot in my schedule for them in case they suddenly say they can meet me, and even if they can't, I always have time for karaoke!

I'm going to keep this June to do simple though I can already see myself failing, the opening paragraph itself is already this long.

1. Finalize japan trip wishlist because as embarrassing as it is, it's yet to be done (I can't help it, there's just too many things not to buy there),
2. get back to at least 55 kgs so I won't be as guilty when I return with extra 1 or 2 kilos ;),
3. make a small present bag to give my friends there with things that can only be found in Indonesia,
4. make time to master all those overwhelming SEO tools in between,
5. be more patient,
6. stock up movies in my phone because my transit is gonna be long,
7. get 3bags of powdered green tea when I'm in Tokyo,
8. quote of the month; real memories is the one experienced, not captured

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