Saturday, June 11, 2016

What do I bring to Japan | Skin, Hair, Body Care Edition

Welcome to the second installment of What do I bring to Japan! As promised, this time it's going to be about skin, hair, and body care (in case the title is not self-explanatory enough). Like the makeup, I'm keeping everything simple by not bringing my complete skincare products, compromising in some area such as not differentiating day - night skincare. I mean, when you're traveling and tight on space, you just want to bring as compact as possible, right?



Traveling doesn't mean I'm skipping my routine either, but I'm downsizing what I bring by, as mentioned above, compromising day - night routine. For me, cleansing is the most important part of the routine, so I'm not going to play with this one. I got the travel size of Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil a couple of months back, perfect for this chance but I know this won't be enough for 5 days trip so I'm planning to buy the full version of Shiseido Senka Perfect Liquid since I'm running out the one I have at home. For cleansing foam, I'm taking Shiseido Senak Perfect Whip with me. Now for the actual skincare, I'm going to bring Laneige White Plus Renew Skin Refiner as toner and Kiehl's Midnight Recover Concentrate in place of my usual moisturizer. I know MRC is supposed to be night-time skincare, but I tried using it in the day before and got no trouble at all so it should be fine.



I thought it'd be impossible to compromise with this one because my hair is absolute mess with no styling, but I guess I actually managed to downsize the products from my usual routine (which includes three to four products aside from shampoo and conditioner). I bet it all on Living Proof Prime Style Extender, this does all from nourishing and smoothing, protecting my hair from heat, to maintaining my hair will stay in place throughout the day. To fix my hair in case of emergency, I will be using Jill Stuart Hair Treatment Mist which works both as fixer and treatment for my hair, I have the full-sized ones but this one is the travel size that I got after hauling Jill Stuart somewhere last year. Since I cannot live without hair straightener, of course I cannot leave my hair iron which is from Philips. It doesn't get temperature setting but it's compact and travel friendly, plus it got this cute hot-pink plate on it!

Body Care

Confession time, I'm utterly lazy when it comes to body care. I cannot count how many times I forgot using my body milk or lotion before I leave the house (or, really, sometimes I intentionally skip it). But I have this travel size of Jill Stuart Body Milk in Tuberose & Rose sitting very very lonely in the back of my drawer, and it's very light in texture, so I figure it'd be suitable for Tokyo in June. I'd love to bring my full size perfume but let's be real, they're in glass bottle, which is heavy, and I'm not risking that, so L'Occitane Roll on Perfume in Reines et Roses that is. Rose can be heavy but this one is fresh enough to be summer appropriate.

Some of these products will be deposited to travel size bottle that I have scattered around the house and packed inside the pouch I received from Zoeva, some other will go inside zip lock bag (because I'm that paranoid). The next installment will be about what I bring in my bag - travel edition, or something like that. See you next week!!

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