Tuesday, June 14, 2016

What do I bring to Japan | What's in My Bag

As you read this, I probably am already in the airport, waiting for my flight with my travel companion, the ever so lovely Amez sitting beside me. Or maybe, instead of sitting, we're scoring the Duty Free Store high and low without actually buying anything (please don't judge us, we're saving it for the actual trip). Continuing where we left of, this post will be about what's in my bag/flight essential. I'd love to photograph everything I actually bring with me but they won't fit in the frame, so please bear with this much.

The Bag

My original plan was to bring my 3 way bag from Liz Lisa, but of course I have to go with Turnlock Tie Rucksack in Refined Pebble Leather (man, that was long) from Coach. This bag is huge, and has lots of space, enough to contain all of my belongings, including my DSLR. Inside, I will put my things separated in different zip lock bags/pouch, this doesn't only keep my bag organized, but helps me finding my things easier. 

Flight & accommodation

This SHINee ziplock bag has always been my travel companion since I got it. I always store my travel-related things like passport , plane ticket, itinerary, pens, and other things I need for  accommodation. I also keep extra cash here, mainly for reserve/emergency in case what I keep in my wallet doesn't suffice. The other thing I stuff in here includes my notebook and small envelope to keep my receipts (so I can keep track of how much money I used. My wallet is from Stradivarius, I'm sure I've mentioned this multiple times already but I. Love. this. Wallet.

1st aids & skincare

In this cute, pink-striped zip-lock, I keep anything that concerns sanitary; from my medicines (and band-aid, lots of band-aid), toothbrush, wet wipes, tissues, and skincare. I will be bare-faced throughout the flight but it doesn't mean my face doesn't need to be pampered. We know how flight can dry our skin, so I have to make sure it's well hydrated. I'm luck to have many samples of skincare from Kiehl's, they're enough for three to four flights. For hand and body, I leave it up to  L'Occitane Jardine at Roses Body Milk and Missha Blue Daisy Hand Cream.

Makeup & beauty

My old, beaten, and dirty makeup pouch which contents I've explained two posts ago. Other than makeup, I have this Jill Stuart Fruit & Aroma Mist Refresh Oil Control lying around (depoted into smaller bottle) to make sure my face stays fresh. 

Entertainment and electronics

To sum up my electornics will be cables; USB cables, earphone (the most frustrating one), phone charger, adaptor, portable charger and its cable. I will probably turn my phone off until I reach Japan because my battery  barely last for 3 hours. My camera will be in my bag as well, wrapped by my Stradivarius cardigan. To keep myself entertained during transit, I will try to finish Toki wo kakeru shoujo (The Girl who Leapt through Time), this is in Japanese by the way, ensuring that I will dedicate my whole time reading this.

Let's not forget this cute travel neck pillow (my mom's) and sunglasses, and I'm ready to go! I won't be online (maybe not even on instagram) until June 26th, and by that time, I will update you with my Japan haul. Until later, folks!

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