Tuesday, July 26, 2016

5 great things from July

This time of the month actually calls for 'monthly favorite post' but I decided to change it into '5 great things from (insert month here)'. This will encompasses wider than just beauty range, and I personally think will be a great place to mix in some of my life story in this blog of mine. Without further ado, here are 5 great things from July;

  1. Meeting friends; cliche, I know. But hanging out with my friends in weekdays is impossible (i'm that leave at 5 am and return home at 9 pm, for work - kind of gal), not to mention everyone's offices are far from mine. Usually, I'd be so grateful with just 1 meeting in a month, but this month, I was blessed with at least 3 times seeing my wonderful friends. Fingers crossed, I can still see them a lot in August.
  2. Wardrobe cleaning; I probably spent so much money for shopping in July. I did came home one day with another shopping bag, opened my wardrobe, and no, this won't do, because my wardrobe was practically bursting with so many clothes. Thankfully, it motivated me to do some wardrobe cleaning, and now I'm no longer stressed out whenever I look at them; much more organized and filled only with my essentials.
  3. Baking; up until early half of 2014, I never fail to bake at least once in a month. But then came graduation, came my first actual job, and I left my cake pans and baking utensils to collect dust somewhere I stashed them. After stumbling upon this recipe, I dipped my toes back into the world of spices and sugars. I might have forgotten about the whole cup to gram conversion, but I'm sure I'll be picking it up back soon!
  4. Editorial calendar; I can't believe I didn't do this sooner but I finally started using editorial calendar. It's nothing fancy, just simple excel file on google drive but I can already feel the difference in my blogging process. It feels a whole lot more organized because it doesn't have my non-blogging schedule in between.
  5. New blog layout; if you have visited my blogs before, you might have noticed there's something different with my blog. Yup, I changed my blog design! I used to wear free blog template before but for some reason, there's always something iffy with tjhe design. Thanks to Vefio themes, now I have a more polished and easy to read blog. The owner of the shop is also super helpful, overall nice experience!
What are great things that happened to you this July?
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