Tuesday, July 19, 2016

6 Fuss-free Products for Summer

Indonesia is practically summer throughout the year, so technically, term 'summer makeup' does not exist. BUT, it also means I'm well versed with summer and struggle of keeping your makeup on within sweltering heat. These are 6 fuss-dree products that will ensure your face staying pretty through the worse of heat.

The Face
Summer means sweats, which means oily skin, and makeup slipping from your skin. It's important to keep your face matte, but, understandably with the importance put on glowy skin trend lately, you want to stay away from full-flat matte face.

Enter Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint, despite its name, I think the finish of this one is closer to satin than complete matte. To keep my face feeling fresh from all the sweating that's bound to happen, I spritz my face with Jill Stuart Fruit & Aroma Mist Refresh Oil Control. Not only it cools my face and adds a little moisture, it also smells really summery! For the cheeks, I have had fun dusting this beautiful Jill Stuart Layer Blush in Old Rose on my cheeks for glowing, rosey cheeks.

The Eyes
My oily lids call for drastic measure, a long-lasting eyeshadow is a must, and when I feel to lazy to change my brushes in between application of eyeshadow, I find myself looking for Maybelline Color Tatto in Bad to The Bronze. This cream shadow might be super affordable, but its mightiness has been vouched for multiple times by almost all blogger all over the world.

The Lips
I always associate summer with glow and when it comes to lips, it means juicy lips. NYX Xtreme Shine Lip Cream in Candy Land leaves my lips looking very juicy and glossy without being too sticky, and when I want something more subtle, I pull my Dior Lip Glow in Pink for the perfect shade of pink, this also helps keeping my lips moisturized the whole day.

This has been my pick for fuss-free summer makeup. What are your picks?

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