Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Best Cleansing Duo from Japan

Hello, beauty lovers and enthusiast! If you stumble upon this post, then congrats! Because I'm about to introduce you to one of Japanese Cult cleansing product, one you must not skip, or miss, or not bother trying at all if you happened to find yourself in the land of dream and cherry blossom, and fresh, luscious fish, and thousands of beautiful, adorably packaged everything. Ahem, back to the issue at hand! These two products are part of Shiseido Senka Cleansing Range, subsidiary brand of Shiseido, not expenssive at all, absolutely affordable (400 - 1000 JPY depending on product and size), can be found practically everywhere in Japan, and works really great. Great as in mind-blowing and skirt-flying, and tears-inducing great. If you have dry skin and worries cleansing products will dry your skin even more, then fear not, because the entire Senka line is very friendly for all skin type.

These two are the fool-proof combination I've been using for three years. I'm personally not a fan of cleansing oil because they feel too rich and heavy on my skin (plus, I had experience of breaking out when using them), they make me feel stuffed while when I remove my makeup, I want my skin to feel fresh. Shiseido Senka Perfect Liquid is perfect for me, it's cooling on the skin and smells refreshing. A couple of drops then gentle massage to my face removes my makeup effectively. Then I continue the routine with Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip. In 2013, this product was all the rage, three years later, it still is. Coupled with foaming net, this cleansing foam creates the most. dense. thick. foam. ever. Try look them up on google image and I tell you, the image is not lying. at. all. It's so thick and cushion-y that it removes the dirt from my skin ever so gently without stripping it from moisture. I've been changing the way I used it by ditching the foaming net (it broke) and is awestruck at how creamy it is, it's like silky buttercream.

In conclusion, if you; a) find yourself in Japan, b) find yourself in drugstore in Japan, c) have dry skin, or any skin type, d) wants to get beauty/skincare product from Japan but don't know what, then think no more and get one of these, especially the Perfect Whip.

Have you tried any Shiseido Senka Cleansing products? What do you think about them?

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