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Tokyo Trip Recaps - Foods

Today marked the first of July but I decided to forego the usual 'monthly to do' and 'monthly favorite. Instead, I'm going to write another recap of my recent trip to Tokyo. Today's recap will be about food, specifically 3 places that  I enjoyed plenty of delicious food while I was there, and if my memory serves me correctly, I think I happened to savour more western food than Japanese ones. Not that it's necessarily a bad thing. Food is food, regardless. And as much as I love Japanese food, I'm not protesting when I was given equally delicious western food. It also happened that I did not snap any Japanese food due to the poor lighting. But I hope your eyes do enjoy the other pictures my lenses managed to capture.

Cafe Coconoha | Asakusa Solamachi | Official Site
This cafe deli offers variety of Japanese style pasta and desserts, focusing on pancakes. Located just beside Tokyo Sky Tree lobby, this place seems ideal for people who wants to enjoy their lunch (or brunch) before getting into the tower. I ordered confiture pancake; 5 slices of mini, fluffy pancake topped with equally fluffy whipped cream with apricot and strawberry jams to eat with. I personally fancy the apricot more thant the strawberry which was too sweet for my liking. Overall, the cafe has nice ambience and delicious, pretty food, I'd love to eat here to try their other offerings if I have chance to.

Dean & DeLuca | Shinjuku Lumine | Official Site
This New York origin cafe & deli was probably the cafe that I visited the most while I was there, especially the one in Shinjuku (I think it's purely because I visited Shinjuku a lot). I remember visiting here a couple of times when I was still a student and fell in love for their pretzel. Honestly, I didn't buy much food there, only their pretzel, but I never skip to buy their ice coffee. Simple ice coffe because I'm falling to that cliched no morning without coffee. Dean & DeLuca in Shinjuku station was small, but I love there because it's located in the station and people just came and go. Like I've mentioned, I'm truly fascinated with the organized chaos of Tokyo.

Dominique Ansel Bakery | Omotesando, Harajuku | Official Site
*above is not the picture of Dominique Ansel. I did not snap any photo there for lack of time and lack of lighting.
Another New York origin eatery. This infamous bakery is apparently sooooo famous in Tokyo, I probably queued there for 20 minutes and waited another 5 before getting my seat, before having to leave again since there're still long lines waiting for empty seat. We're lucky enough that Dominique himself was there (he bumped into me, and I had literal fangirl moment back then). I got myself cronut (passion fruit summer edition) while Amez tried the infamous DKA (DOMINIQUE'S KOUIGN AMANN) and Frozen S'more™. We both had Matcha Latte for drink. Honestly, they're delicious, but I personally am a fan of more subdued yet still there, lingering sweetness, so they fell too sweet for my liking (maybe this is what people called American's sweetness? ) The matcha latte was too rich as well, but after I let it sit for a while and let the ice melts, I came to appreciate the depth of its bitterness. Overall, a splendid place but maybe if I visit next time, I'd like to visit during less crowded hour to thoroughly enjoy their sweet offerings.

Sarabeth's | Shinjuku Lumine | Official Site
Why, oh, why, I ended up at another New York origin restaurant, dear me? Right, because my sweet, precious Japanese friend told me she had been wanting to eat here and who am I to resist, really? Despite the slightly mind-blowing price (I shelled quiet a lot while I ate there), I was very pleased with this restaurant, by far the second most delicious food I ate in my trip! I ordered their signature classic Fat and Fluffy French Toast. Now, this is the kind of sweetness I love; subtle, yet lingering, faint trace of sweet indulgence that's both decadent yet gentle. It came with fresh blue and rasp berries, two slices of banana, and dusted with icing sugar. Since the restaurant is also very popular, they limited our time there (approximately 70 minutes). Despite the short time, I really enjoyed eating there. Might consider second visit if chance permits, but this time, I'll try to come as early as possible (because I queued again, for 40 minutes!)

Kaiten Sushi | Shinjuku
*above is not the picture of sushi, obviously. I did not snap any photo there for lack of time and lack of lighting.
The most delicious food I ate there was, of course, kaitenzushi! We found this small kaitenzushi restaurant at Shinjuku but I forgot the name. I ate about 6 plates with 4 of them being salmon (I really love salmon). The sushi chefs (two grandpas who kept smiling at us because he obviously knew we're foreigners but I was speaking in Japanese, long live, grandpa!) were making sushi in the center, and despite my stay there, I think this was my first authentic kaitenzushi experience. They're superb, fluffy rice, and fresh fishes! If only I could live surrouned by fresh sushi forever (had a I truly love raw fish and sushi moment)! My biggest regret was not capturing its beauty with my lens, but I guess I was too preoccupied with how delicious they are, truly savoring them to even remember my camera.

The other food I had was courtesy of convenience store, mostly consist of onigiri, snacks, and cartooned milk coffee. My lovely vietnam friend also got me two cute donuts with giraffe and 'thank you' icing decoration. The donuts were moist, not too sweet, but the icing added the right amount of flavor.

That wrapped up my Tokyo Trip Recaps! Overall, I had a pleasant experience there. As mentioned in previous post, Tokyo is no longer tourist destination for me, more a home, another home that I lived in for short period of time but left me with many sweet and meaningful moments, blessed me with many great, inspiring people. Yet, it doesn't mean I have known Tokyo completely, so there's always some new place for me to venture, some new things for me to discover. If I could (and budget allow), I'd like to make this trip to Tokyo annual thing, but, well, only God knows, isn't it?

What kind of food you'd like to try in Japan? Have you tried any restaurants I mentioned above?

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