Friday, August 26, 2016

5 Great things from August

5 Favorite things in August, from beauty to lifestyle
Not related to this post, but, holy, did I like incorporating this knit cardigan to my photographs. I've been reading about 'how you should add texture to your flatlay', and instead of looking for another kind of fabric, I keep throwing this. Real creative. Anyways, on to the post!
  1. Scheduling; I stupidly lost my Jeeva Journal and got incredibly antsy. In the midst of my anxiousness, I stumbled upon Moleskin Le Petit Prince 18 Months Limited Edition Weekly Planner. I purchased this right off the bat, and while my bank account beg to disagree, my heart finally found its equilibrium and I cannot be any more happy. Scheduling with this is a real joy, the space might be limited but it keeps me organized by only writing down the essentials.
  2. A 'me' day; I rarely had a 'me day' in the last couple of months, it's always going here with my family, or there for work. While I enjoy meeting my friends, deep down I still find most peace when I'm alone, and I really need that one day when I can just do whatever I want, wind down, and relax. I had a couple of 'me days' on weekends, it definitely helped me with facing busy weekdays that loomed ahead.
  3. Birthday haul; my birthday will be in early September and since most of the things I wanted can only be purchased online, I already made the order around the 2nd week of this month. I have them stashed somewhere in my drawer waiting to be opened, I'm so excited ;)
  4. Accomplishing 4 of 5 my monthly to do; from this post. The only thing I failed was the baking part. And, yes, I did pick up that beautiful rose-gold brushes ;)
  5. Beauty bits; from the more exciting part of things, I've been rediscovering some products like Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer and Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to The Bronze which I had tucked away in the back of my drawer until last month. Then there are the summer-y polishes  to brighten up my day (it rained an effing squall at least three days in every week). Last but not least, is Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Sharper that's very friendly to brow-beginner like me.
What are great things that happened to you this August?

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