Friday, August 19, 2016

Current Rose & Gold Favorite

Favorite Rose Gold Fashion Items & Brushes
I think it's safe to say that if you're an active blogger, you'd fall in all the rose-gold craze that not only affect your choice of makeup brushes, but also homeware, and stationary. Ideally, I'd love to have this classy color decorating my room, but it's so difficult to spot this particular color anywhere around (if there's any, they're usually pricey). So, I settled with smaller things like accessories as they're less expensive and much easier to spot.

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set; I picked this cult-favorite brush-set for my birthday last year. This was not only the only brush set I own, but also my very first brush set, so you can say I have a (humongous) emotional attachment to it. I'm sure everyone have raved enough about this brush already so I will keep it as simple as; gorgeous looking, gorgeously soft, gorgeously durable, gorgeously apply makeup to my face. I will be picking up another set for my birthday, stay tuned!

Forever21 Etched Leaf Headband; I've always wanted this kind of Olympian Goddess-esque headband, with crown leaves and all. They're a nice statement piece to throw in your outfit, whether making dress more 'dressed-up', or adding touch of luxury to your casual outfit. More detailed look of this headband can be seen in photo below.

Forever21 Contrast Browline Sunglasses; On weekends, I often find myself driving during the time when sun is very high on the sky, and the lack of sunglasses can be bothering, especially when the sun decided to be unforgiving. I've been wanting rose-gold sunglasses since I saw on at Stradivarius, but their sizing is iffy, and when I spotted this one at Forever21 - with only fraction of the price, too! - I immediately picked them up.

Forever21 Hair Clip Set, H&M Hair Clip Set, & Claire's Bobby Pins Set; hairclips and pins are so handy for photo props. I will even admit that 70% of my motive was to use them to decorate my picture instead of my hair. Regardless, I carry two of each in my bag and they proof to be useful. With my hair getting longer, I'm often distracted by some naughty strands that decided to fall over my face. I will just whip either one of these, then tuck the bad hair back behind my ears.

Gold Safety Pins from Ace Hardware; this is a lucky pick! I was accompanying my mom to hardware store when I spotted this, so, of course I had to drop this inside our basket, discreetly ;) They come in 4 different sizes, making them more practical and handy.

Favorite Rose Gold Fashion Items & Brushes
What's your favorite rose and golden items?

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