Friday, August 5, 2016

The Only Fragrance You Need for Summer

When it comes to fragrance, I discovered that I'm more inclined toward the aisles of men's perfume where almost everything is monochromatic grey or brown in color, rather than the more dainty, colorful shelves where women's perfumes are. Even though now I'm slowly filling my perfume collection (and body care) with more masculine smelling scent,sometimes weather here calls for less heavy and refreshing scent that amber or wood doesn't provide. Enter Burberry Brit Sheer, probably the only perfume you need to try this summer.

This perfume is described as floral, fruity fragrance for woman. With Litchi, Yuzu, and Mandarin orange as top notes, Sheer promises you very fresh smell. It feels fun, young, but also classic, and very feminine. Even if this perfume is more suitable as day fragrance, this doesn't rule this out from being night fragrance either. Also, many people touted this perfume as one of the best summer perfume. Indeed, I agree. Living in Indonesia where it's practically summer all year around, a spritz of this gives me (and sometimes people around me) the much needed refreshment from constantly humid weather. 

Last but not least, look at that packaging! Comes in square pastel pink bottle with the iconic Burberry Checks printed, this fragrance is a ideal pick to decorate your vanity table, especially if your table is littered with fun and feminine looking products, like of YSL or Too Faced. I have this sitting together with my Jill Stuart & Liz Lisa body products, they look pretty together with their respective pink and white packaging.

Have you tried any fragrance from Burberry? What's your favorite summer fragrance?

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