Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Who needs Highlighter when You have this Eyeshadow

Burberry Eyeshadow Gold Pearl is just as great as highlighter
My ability to name every single hyped-up highlighter on the market aside, I do not own any single highlighter. I know; what? How do you even exist?  If I had to put a reason, it's because my face is super oily and I'm worried that highlighter will make it even more greasy than it already is. That was until one day I swiped this eyeshadow on to my cheekbones. Oh lala, I felt like slapping my old-self and said; how could you be so stupid? you. need. this. in. your. life. Which was pretty much my 'awakening moment' to hihglighter.

Featured in this previous post and my current 'highlighter' is Burberry Eye Colour Glow in number 1' Gold Pearl. This eyeshadow can be applied wet for more dramatic result or dry if you want more understated look. I love to wet my brush before applying this for my eyes, but for highlight, I opt it dry. Despite my fear that this will appear too frosty on my skin, this pale golden shimmer eyeshadow actually translates into beautiful bright gold with hint of yellow from my natural skin color, flattering my skin really nicely while adding that infamous 'glow from within' finish.

Texture wise, this eyeshadow is so buttery soft, the shimmer is soo fine that you won't see any grittiness on the skin. I've tried using Silk Teddy from Too Faced Natural Eye Palette as highlighter after I discovered this, but whereas this one practically melts into my skin, Silk Teddy looks harsh and slightly chalkier because its shimmer is not as smooth as this one. I haven't tried any proper highlighter to compare this with, but if you're looking for good eyeshadow that can double as highlighter, I definitely recommend this one.
Burberry Eyeshadow Gold Pearl is just as great as highlighter
What's your favorite eyeshadow - highlight product? Have you tried any Burberry Eyeshadow?

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