Tuesday, September 27, 2016

5 great things in September

5 Great things in September
To be completely honest, while September took a great start, what's with my birthday and all, majority of it I spent totally unmotivated work-wise. There were so many things to do but I didn't find it in me to be productive. I think it wasn't until the last week I finally sort of 'find myself back'. Nevertheless, great things did happen so instead of wallowing in the bad, I'd focus in the goods and be grateful for it.
  1. Basically everything I got from my birthday (see post), but especially Clinique Pop in Berry Pop.
  2. Red Velvet's comeback with Russian Roulette. The whole album has finally grown in me but Russian Roulette is still my firm favorite. It's so catchy and lively. The music video is absolute delight to watch (the makeups are to die for!).
  3. Found a simple method of making home-made hot chocolate, featuring chocolate chips and dashes of cinnamon.
  4. After 2193190 months of no-pancious (kidding, only 4 months), I finally started eating there again. Let me tell you, I cannot stop (see post).
  5. Since 22nd, local Starbucks is having 'Tumbler Amnesty Week' until 30th. As someone who spends majority of morning before office-hour in Starbucks, and owner of Starbucks Tumbler, this is absolute delight for me. I mean; 50% for all beverages??
5 great things in September including Clinique Pop Lipstick
What great thing happened to you this September?

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