Friday, September 9, 2016

Another Girls Day Out

Pancious Penne Salmon Marinara
Pancious Crab Pasta
I treated two of my lovely friends; Amez & Mba Agi for pasta lunch at Pancious last Sunday as part of birthday tradition. When it comes to our hang out place, we seems to have this fixed schedule and place. Started by hitting either Pancious or Genki Sushi when we have budget, or grab anything from nearest fast-food joint. I think it became a once in a month habit last year to visit Pancious and have their pasta instead of their pancakes with ice tea or earl grey milk tea as companion.

After we're done with lunch, we will hit any makeup counter including Sephora and indulge ourselves in shameless swatch fest while joking around, sighing over the beauty of newly launched items, and making mental note which one to pick for next payday. In short, a long window shopping spree which could last for two hours with us talking all the time, giggling uncontrollably, and being embarrassing together (#unitedwestanddividedwefall).

Since this only started last year, this tradition is not even a year old, but I hope this can last forever. We might 'meet' everyday through twitter and LINE, but nothing beats meeting in person. They're truly lovely people, my friends, whom I connect with in so many levels. We might not think alike, have different personality, but we click together at this one vital part. I hope we can meet very soon and the next time it shall includes actual shopping haul.

Pancious Gnocchi Smoked Beef

What's your favorite hang-out place and activity?

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