Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Navy Blue Favorite

I find this color to be flattering, both in my eyes and on me, so I'm naturally attracted to them. Give me this color, and the light in my head will lit up; MY. COLOR. I have many things in this color, but here are some of my favorite as of late.

Stradivarius Lace Up Track Brogues in Navy; I find this color combination of navy and white gives the shoes casual feel yet also feminine at the same time. The white-rubber sole might not be practical (since I have to clean it often after some uses), but they're easy to clean, so it's not that problematic.

Cat Pouch with Polkadot; this pouch is heavy and beaten, and worn, and I don't remember where I got it. But there's a reason why I keep using this pouch again and again; it can be a kitten, but it's so heavy duty. From makeup to cables, skincare bottles, and swimming googles, I've used this for almost every thing.

Pull & Bear Knit Cardigan; before Stradivarius, there was Pull & Bear. Their style lately simply do not cater to my fancy as much as back in 2013, I kept going back to them. Their Cardigan is particularly my favorite, they're so closely knit and warm, perfect for colder month.

Forever 21 Fox Print Mirror; isn't this so cute? I swear Forever21 has the cutest pocket mirror ever. I'm not easily tempted but the navy background of this one just trampled over my last wall of resistance. It's never leaving my makeup pouch ever since.

Daiso Hair Clip; when I use something for 3 years straight, that's saying something. I remember buying this at Daiso Harujuku, Takeshita Doori, when my friends came visiting. Leaving Daiso without buying anothing? Trust me; impossible. I always carry hair clip with me for just-in-case situation, or when I'm hitting the gym, this has been permanent fixture in my daily life.

Kiehl's Facial Fuel Lip Balm; I purchased this lip balm back in April. God, do I love it. It's as good as the L'Occitane one, and I might love it better on my lips that Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate; do I really need to recite all great things I've said about this little bottle of miracle? Yes, but I'd bore you all, so; no. This little bottle contains (what I believe to be) miracle in liquid form, and the glass bottle - in navy blue - makes it feel all the more luxurious, even though not exactly travel friendly. If you wants instant boost in the morning and clearer skin after every use? This one is for you.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner; some people find toner to be gimmicky, but for me, toner is a must for skincare step. It leaves my skin feeling more refreshed and ready for the next skincare step. I've been a Kiehl's convert for a while now, and this one doesn't disappoint me either, it picks up the dirt residue well and doesn't make my skin feel tight after use.

Jill Stuart Horoscope Nail Polish in Observant Virgo; I know I got to have this the moment I saw the color (and the name). This polish is supposed to mimic starry sky of September; with navy blue sky and silver-blue glitters as the stars. I love popping this up now and then for some festive moments.

Do you have any navy blue products that you love? What is 'your color'?

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