Friday, October 14, 2016

3 Things to do for Juicy, Hydrated Lips

3 Steps for Juicy, Hydrated Lips
If you are like me and constantly struggling with dry, chapped lips, you must be feeling antsy under your skin right now because cold and dry months are coming. I live in a country where it's humid all-year-around, yet I'm still scuffling with dry lips. My lips are probably the pickiest part of my face, for a balm that everyone swears to work on their sahara dry lips still leaves my lips feeling dry. Recently, I've started to take more care on my lips, and they're not as horrible as they're before.

Scrub Your Lips

Scrubbing your lips will leave you with smooth and even lips. Lip scrubs exfoliate the dead skin cells and flakes from your lips, plus giving you hydration from the oil it is usually enriched with. You can easily make one with sugar and honey, but make sure the sugar is very fine, or you'd end up with even more irritated lips. Or you can buy from stores, nowadays, they come in every variation of taste, making the scrubbing even more enjoyable.

Use Non-heavy Duty Lip Balm/Color

Let's face it, how many times have you ended up with dry, cracked lips after wearing your matte lipstick? When it happened to me, I switch to lighter and more hydrating lip product. If you are like me, and cannot do without lip color for it washes your feature out, try colored lip balms or sheer lipstick.

Treat Your Lips with havy-duty Balm at Night

Like the rest of your cells, your lips also regenerates at night. When is the better time to nourish your lips other than when you're sleeping? While Lip-sleeping Mask is something that start getting hype in Korean market, in fact, you don't have to find a specific lip-sleeping mask to pamper your lips at night. Any heavy duty lip balm will do, apply them before you sleep and you will wake up in the morning with soft, plump lips.

Are you struggling with constant dry lips? What do you do for hydrated lips?

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