Friday, October 28, 2016

5 Great things from October

Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette and Clinique Pop in Berry Pop
All the a/w themed posts all over the internet got me all giddy since I'm a sucker for the season, even though, you might have missed it; I'm living in tropical country. I've only experienced autumn once in my life, and even though I'm not living it anymore, I understand the hype that surrounds its arrival this October.
  1. Clean Brushes; as part of my To do October, I aim to clean my brushes regularly. I do it every Friday night and it's something I should continue doing since it leaves me with clean brushes to photograph at Saturday morning.
  2. Panning my eyeshadow; Can you see in the picture? Yes, I managed to pan 4 of my favorite color from Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette. While I'm happy that I managed to use up my eyeshadow, I'm sad at the same time because they're my favorite colors.
  3. Starting pinterest; though pinterest hype has started since 2012-ish, I've only started using it now, thanks to lovely Paula from Thirtheen Thoughts and her super helpful pinterest guides. Right now it resembles more of a Ted Baker mess more than anything, but I'm slowly learning.
  4. Reuniting with old friends; I stumbled upon junior high friend's account in instagram. We used to be so close on 7th grade, but since I became somewhat of social recluse afterward, we didn't keep in touch at all. I'm so touched that she still remembers me and I'd love to hang out with her some day.
  5. SHINee 1of1 album;  October kicked off with a good start when SHINee announced they're making a comeback with studio album. 1of1 is full with 90s and retro concept, which immediately sit well with me and my friends (ages cannot be denied). Though in term of quality, I still think their 3rd studio album Misconception series is the best, putting that aside, 1of1 might be my favorite SHINee studio album. My favorite tracks are Prism & Shift.
How was your October going?
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