Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Jill Stuart Beauty Talk #03 Nail Polish Base & Top Coat

Jill Stuart Base Coat & Crystal Top Coat
I feel like base and top coat are something that is as important as the nail polish itself when it comes to manicure. Maybe because they're beige and clear, not exactly exciting color, that people tend to overlook them. But they're incredibly useful for protecting your nail and makes the polish application easier, plus, they're good for heightening the wear time of your polish.

Jill Stuart Repair Base Coat comes in beautiful frosted bottle with clear beige liquid inside, when applied, it comes as clear, transparent film that instantly smooths the uneven surface of my nail (I have horrible habit of picking at my nails). When I wear this, not only my polishes apply more evenly, it also makes the removing process easier. This base coat also stops the color from staining my natural nail color. It contains peach kernel oil as emollient, and moisturizing agents such as lavender oil and rosemary extract. While I cannot tell if they really strengthen my nails, I can tell they certainly do a great job of keeping my nails from being dry and ugly-yellow. 

Jill Stuart Crystal Top Coat is a joy to apply, not only for reason as silly as the 'cold' sensation it gives my nails, but also because it does help in increasing the wear-time of my polish. The coat uses a newly formulated polish glow polymer that helps it dries faster, while I don't know how exactly it works, I can swear to you this polish dries very quickly. I love rubbing my fingers on my nails after I put this one because its lustrous finish leaves my nails very smooth.
Jill Stuart nail polish is something from the brand that I'd recommend to almost everyone, because unlike their makeup, their nail polish has never been a miss with me. Their polishes apply like a dream; non-streaky, quick drying, and apply evenly. They have the typical floral bouquet scent of Jill Stuat, which I personally find makes applying them more enjoyable.

What do you think of Jill Stuart Nail Polishes Top & Base Coat? What nail polish coats are you using right now?

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