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Review Tuesday | Makeup Forever Artist Shadow

mufe artist shadow review in chesnut, pinkbrown, and espresso
Having oily, small eyelids and hooded-eyes, eyeshadow is really tricky for me. I need my eyeshadow to be matte and stay put throughout the day, plus, vibrant enough to show up on little space on my eyes. There was a point in which I ‘gave up’ eyeshadow, thinking it wasn’t for me, but then I bought myself Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette, and ended up discovering the fun of eyeshadow. For a while, it was the only eyeshadow I used, then, hundreds of youtube tutorials later, I thought; hey, let’s get myself another matte color!

There are so many brands to choose from, and so many palettes, too. But I wasn’t too keen on the idea of palette at the time, so single eyeshadow then. My final options fell to MAC and Makeup Forever, but researches led me to Makeup Forever Artist Shadow.
mufe artist shadow review in chesnut, pinkbrown, and espresso

While Makeup Forever foundation and base product is often talked about, I feel like fewer spotlights have been given to their eyeshadow ranges. The Makeup Forever Artist Shadow comes in huge color range; around 210 shades with 5 different finishes. Price wise, it’s pricier than MAC but comes with more product (MAC is 1.5 g, MUFE is 2.2 g), which was quiet a deciding factor for me.

I picked three matte colors; Pink Brown (M-600), Chesnut (M-656), and Espresso (M-618). I use Pink Brown and Chesnut on the crease, while Espresso as eyeliner and outer corner of my eyes. MUFE claim high color pay-off, which I found to be true, they show uup well and true to color on my eyeslids, which color is somewhat darker than the rest of my face. Compared to my Too Faced eyeshadow, they last so much longer on my oily lids, around 4 hours before creasing. For matte eyeshadow, they’re exceptionally creamy and non-chalky, plus really blend-able. They do kick a little dust but since the pan is huge, you wouldn’t notice them even making a mess. In short, they perform like a dream.
What do you think of Makeup Forever Artist Shadow?

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