Tuesday, November 29, 2016

5 Great Things in November

The Five Best Thing in November
Let's skip the cliche and jump straight ahead, on to the 5 best thing in November!
  1. SHINee World Concert V; is the probably the best thing ever happened in the entire 2016 (aside from my last Japan trip of course). It's money well-spent with how amazing and breath-taking the performances were. The 5 of them truly glow on stage, and I just cannot not admire them for being able to singing while executing choreographies after choreographies for almost 3 hours straight. Once again, I feel very thankful to have them as my favorite group.
  2. World Trigger; I picked up this favorite series again after semi-hiatus for a year or so. Although not as popular as the other WSJ title, and it can certainly be if it's a little bit more flashy, I wouldn't trade the intricate and complexity of World Trigger for popularity. There's a certain darkness to this story which you'd miss if you're not reading too much into it, I think that's the reason why I'm inexplicably in love with it.
  3. Not buying any single makeup/skincare product; is an achievement in itself, isn't it? I almost cave in a couple of times, especially with the black friday and all the crazy sales, but in the end, I survived /pat self/
  4. Side project; I landed myself a freelancing project earlier this month, and I was promised more. I'm so excited! The work pays well for it loads and extra cash is always a welcome!
  5. Found out awesome trick for pinterest image; I always wonder how did some blogger manage to pin entirely different image on their pinterest than the one in their blog. Now I found out the neat trick behind it, I'm ready to implement them soon!
What great things happened to you this November?
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