Friday, November 4, 2016

Fragrances for Colder Weather

The Perfect Fragrances for Colder Months
Colder months call for warm, rich, and woody scents that inspires the image of cosy log and its tcrackling fireplace. Fragrance is a personal thing, and These kind of scents just happen to be the one that I'm leaning toward to despite living in tropical country. I do love myself some roses, but for room fragrance and perfume, amberwood, teakwood, or citrus with hints of spices is where my heart truly rest.

For The Room

I didn't have trouble with sleeping until 2014 and it got worse in 2015. I turned to candles, they weren't easily available here and Bath & Body Works was the only place to go. At first, I tried the popular calming scent like lavender or water, but none of them work until Mahogany Teakwood, which is blend of teakwood with lavender and geranium. Another favorite, Black Tie, has rich sandalwood and aromatic sage in it. Both smells very rich and luxurious in my opinion.


For Body

Fragrance is personal thing, and as I discover more the world of perfume, I realized I'm more often ended up in front of the monochromatic shelves of men's perfume than the woman's dainty looking ones. The perfume I've been sniffing more than the other has one similarity; citrus (more specifically; amalfi lemon) as its top note with some woods and spices as base. This blend draws both warmth yet freshness from the citrus side. Voyage d'Hermes EDT and Gucci Guilty pour Homme are two of my favorites.

Gucci Guilty pour Homme, Voyage d'Hermes, Bath and Body Works Black Tie Candles

What's your favorite fragrance for colder months?
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