Tuesday, November 8, 2016

On Downsizing My Bag

Ted Baker OTILLIA Top handle leather bag in Pale Pink
Downsizing my bag is something I've been wanting to do for a while. As silly as it sounds, I'm incredibly anxious when I realize I might not be carrying something that I might need (even if in the end, it turned out I don't). It's the exact reason why I demand my bag to be huge and heavy duty. However, I realized carrying that much items with me isn't doing good for my health. I've ended up with sore shoulders too many times to count now, and for that reason, I made downsizing my bag to be my 2017 goal.

It seems like my plan has to be start earlier because I was gifted this bag early October. I've been eyeing this bag; Ted Baker Otillia since it landed on local Ted Baker last September. The bag fits all the bills that I need from a bag; boxy, structured, comes with detachable strap, cross-body. If I had not plan to downsize my bag, I might not bother with this for its size, but seeing as my goal is to carry less, it is the perfect size.

The bag has the cutest details ever, from its rose gold hardware (bows, clasp, and zip), to the inner leopard and rabbit prints. It's made of bovine leather which is smooth on the flap but textured on the body. At first, the size intimidates me, but seeing as this is something that I need to do (for the sake of my weeping shoulder), and the bag is the most beautiful bag I've ever seen, I'm fully intending on making this 'downsizing my bag' works. Wish me luck!

Do you bring big or small bag? What do you think of downsizing your bag?
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