Friday, December 23, 2016

Festive Room Details

Add a touch of festivity to your room using these small, dainty trinkets.
The Photo Stickers Room Garland
It's getting closer to the peak of this season. Everything is decorated with red and gold, a touch of green and some silver glitter there. Seasonal menus and red cups have become my morning routine as of late (Toasted Graham Latte and Shepperd Pie are personal favorite!). While I'm not celebrating christmas, there is nothing wrong with transferring the uplifting mood to my room when I spend majority of my time this December (#homebody).

What is best to describe festive mood than gold? Still following the latest trend, I've been adding a touch of rose and gold to my room for past 4 months or so. Small and dainty trinkets like jewelries are not only good for props but also for home decor. My favorite includes this bird hair pin from Zara. I arranged it on my necklace hanger so it looks like it perches on there.

Whilst Star and Moon accessories‎ have been popular for these past couple months, I've always been obsessed with celestial objects (hence the name of my blog). It was a blessing when they started showing up everywhere. Stradivarius is not only my favorite place to pick up apparels, but also accessories. These set of rings and bracelets come in handy for party occasion, but also gives a touch of bling in the corner of my room.

I picked up this rose-gold shell plate and copper basket from Zara Home, and I've been smitten with them ever since. Most of my jewelries now sit there, while the copper basket has been utilized to store my hair products and hair pins. I hope I'm not the only one who thinks makeup brushes are great decoration. It is probably one of the reason why I'm so obsessed with Zoeva Rose Golden Brushes Set. Also, this sunglasses from Forever 21 makes a great center piece on top of my book shelves.

Lastly on top of my bed, I have this cork board with World Trigger Rubber Straps and favorite characters acrylic keychains. I think the best way to make use of these kind of things is to make them as room decor, they're colorful so they give my room a nice pop of color. Below, I hang the photo stickers I took while I was in Japan. Most of them were taken back in 2013 and some from my recent trips this summer.
Add a touch of festivity to your room using these small, dainty trinkets.
How do you decor your room in this festive season?
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