Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Best Makeup Edit 2016

Find out what's my favorite makeup products in 2016
With the end of the year approaching, posts about yearly favorites are popping here and there. Just like NYE itself, it's a tradition. I use this chance to look back and see what products did I love this year. Though my focus was more on skincare throughout 2016, I got myself some lovely makeup bits that I absolutely adore. Even if my makeup stash is considerably small, to keep things simple, I'm excluding products that I bought last year.

I finally tried Nars for the first time this year, and I'm incredibly smitten. My base favorites are two items from Nars. Their Velvet Matte Skin Tint and Contour Kit have been a firm staple in my routine since July. Both are light-weight and looks like real skin, especially the skin tint. The contour kit can double up as blusher since it has slight rose-tint to it, very handy when I was feeling lazy.

I got another chance to nab some Jill Stuart item this year. While not all of their items are stellar in term of performance, I cannot deny the quality of their best selling item; the blusher. With build-able pigmentation and finely milled shimmer, this blush gives my cheeks a very radiant, flushing cheeks. Their nail polishes are also in top tier quality. They're priced roughly around the same of Essie nail polishes, but with even more elaborate packaging.

For the eye department, I'm sure if you're a regular reader, you would know how inescapably in love I am with Burberry Eye Color, they make great eyeshadow as well as highlighter. Kiko wow-ed me with their highly coveted eyeshadow stick which was my on-the-go eyes for busy morning, they apply and wear like dream.

For my first foray into the world of eyebrows, I trusted Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper, it's a life-saver for brow-noob like me for its effortless application. Mascara is not an obligatory for my everyday makeup so I only picked one from Majolica Majorca this year. MajoMajo lives up to its name for being one of the best drugstore mascara in the market, this one instantly lifts and curl, while lengthening my lashes at the same time.

For lips, Clinique Pop Lips had taken over the last quarter of the year. Not only creamy, this lipstick is incredibly long-lasting and comfortable to wear. Lush Lip Scrubs are one 'blogger-made-me-buy-it' product, and I'm not disappointed! I can see why people love this delicious lip scrub, it thoroughly removes the unflattering flakes from my lips.
Find out what's my favorite makeup products in 2016
What have been your favorite beauty products this 2016?
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