Friday, December 16, 2016

What I Ate Recently

Tendon Tenya Curry Udon with Tempura

If you’re here expecting makeup, get ready to be disappointed. Or not, because I present with food. And, really, who doesn’t love food?
Tendon Tenya
Good ol’ Tendon Tenya, it is one of my favorite places to eat back when I was living in Japan. They’re crazy affordable, fulfilling, and delicious. While I always went for the classic tendon back then, coming here, I experimented with the menu. The recent one I tried was the curry udon with ebi-tempura, which perfectly satisfied the udon and curry lover in me.

Hokkaido Baby Cheesecake
While everyone was raving about Pablo Cheesecake’s arrival in Indonesia, I, who had stupidly ate one whole of their cheesecake a day before returning to my country (along with extra 1.5 kgs), wasn’t feeling the excitement. Instead, I was curious to try this equally dainty yet inviting offering from Hokkaido Baby. I tried the original and green-tea, both of them earned two-thumbs up for me. I like my cheese-cake to be on the balanced side; light yet still maintaining the richness of cheese, which if wasn’t done well can ended up with bland cheesecake. The green-tea one is definitely another favorite too! When it comes to green-tea desert, I’m incredibly picky; the deeper the green-tea’s bitterness, the better, and this one nailed it!

Starbucks Scarlet Velvet Cake
I’m that person who goes to starbucks just for their ice coffee but orders each and every new food delicacies. One day, I found out they have this scarlet velvet cake for sale, and intrigued – since the last time I ate their red velvet roll-cake, I was disappointed – I decided to give it a try. Surprisingly, it’s good. Nothing earth-shattering, but it has good balance of moist yet not too moist cake and light, yet flavorful icings.

Those are the three new menus that I tried recently. Have you tried any of them?
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