Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Best of 2016

While my memory is still fresh, let's recount the best moments that happened in 2016
I'm here still sitting on my bed, laptop in front of me, a plate of leftover cookies from NYE on the right, and desperately trying to deny new year's holidays are over. Today marks the third day of 2017, but I feel like a large part of me is still stuck somewhere in 2016. While my memory is still fresh, let's recount the best moments that happened in 2016.
Revamping My Blog
I first created this blog back in 2013 with intent of documenting my stay in Japan and anything related to it. It didn't go as well, sadly, and I only grew passionate of it on the latter half of the year when my Liz Lisa kick was at its highest. I rarely updated it in 2014-2015, but I really want to pick up blogging again since it was something I always love doing. This time, I want to be more 'serious', and with that in mind, I made 'revamping my blog' my personal goal in 2016. This little space in the internet has grown so much, for that, I have all of you, lovely readers to thank!

Tokyo Trip
My journey to Tokyo was documented in these two posts. Sincemy study there, it has been 'another home' for me. It's a city full with people whom I love and very dear memories, so being able to visit again itself is a blessing. Tokyo is an incredibly busy city, while I'm basically not a fan of crowd, the bustle of Tokyo is surprisingly pleasant. It's like 'organized chaos', so many things happening at once but in harmony (I'm sorry I'm not making sense). The sense of freedom that I felt is unchanged even after 2 years, same with the people; my friends are just as lovely - if not lovelier - as always. I have this plan of making Japan Trip an annual thing, but let's see if my budget allows.

Picking up Writing & Photogtaphy
I have a creative outlet for my writing somewhere in the internet. While I did write back in 2015, I feel like 2016 gave my writing a more defined style & identity. I discovered that I love writing long narration, I love using simile, I love decorating my sentences with cheesy, flowery words.
As for photography, last year I started investing in photo props and backgrounds. Before, I only used a white blanket and shot in my room, never bothered to learn about composition, and edit different photos with only 1 action. I'm still struggling with composition, but lately, I feel like I'm getting there. I definitely need to work more on it so it comes with 'practiced-ease' instead of 'spur of the moment'. Another thing I need to work on is to define my style. I love stark-bright white background, but lately, I realized it can look overexposed.

By the way, you can see the how my photos grow on my instagram.

SHINee World Concert V
While the last quarter of the year I spent largely uninspired, SWC V was definitely the highlight - or dare I say - the BEST thing that happened in the last half of 2016. SHINee is my favorite band, I've been following them since 2009, and they never let me down, not even once. They're 5 talented people, known for high-quality performances, and they certainly live up to their fame. I'd say even that 2 hours and a half watching their concert gave me almost equal pleasure to my 6 days Tokyo Trip. They're that magical!
Some of My Best Beauty Discoveries in 2016
What were your favorite moments in 2016?
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