Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Looking Forward in January

The exciting things that's going to happen in January
I have shared with you my blogging goals in 2017 in my previous post. Last year, I did the 'to do' post to start every month. This year, I'd like to continue the tradition but with a little tweak. Instead of only writing about things that I want to do, I will be adding things that I'm looking forward too as well, hence the title. So here are what I'm looking forward in January.
  1. Seoul Trip. You might be sick of hearing it already, but; Seoul. Trip.
  2. Which means Korean Street Food. Which means piping hot, spicy-sweet and sour tteok, and melting cheese on top of kalbi.
  3. Experiencing winter again after two years. It gives me excuse to layer my clothes, boots, and wearing thick, comfy coat.
  4. Taking lots of photo with the I-am-tourist-excuse. Even now, I'm still conscious over taking photo in public space.
  5. Still photography related, I want to practice more of the new flat-lay photography style that I 'accidentally' discovered last December. I really love how it turned out.
  6. Finalizing my beauty & skincare wish list for this year
  7. Popping that wish list onto my sidebar so you can get a peak of them
  8. And finally, another batch of product empties buys me reason to try new products
The exciting things that's going to happen in January
 What are you looking forward in January?
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