Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Seoul Travel Bag Essentials

Seoul Travel Bag Essentials for fun Seoul Trip!
Tomorrow night, I will be leaving for Seoul. It’s going to be my first time there, so I’m really excited. Thus, I found myself slightly over-packing things in my bag (yes, I’m that person who packed at least 3 days before the actual trip). I hope I’m not the only person with tendency to carry too much things when she’s excited. In the end, I decided to stream-line my belongings and ended up with these things as my travel bag essentials.

My rucksack from Coach (not exactly this one but similar) is a splurge of my life, but it’s so worth it. I swear I wear this almost all the time (except when I’m not bringing too much items), and it hasn’t shown any sign of wear. What makes me love this bag in the first place is how HUGE it is, it fits literally everything that I need (and maybe not), including my DSLR camera and lenses. Made of leather, this bag can stand any weather, and the superb craftsmanship makes this one very durable, and comfortable to lug around despite its size.

As mentioned in my previous post, I’m not bringing much makeup so I will store them in this bag. Jill Stuart hand cream is mandatory item in my bag to keep my hands well-moisturized, for Seoul weather is going to be quiet dry and cold when I arrive (around 1~7 Celsius). Another thing that’d save me from frosty weather is Lip balm from Kiehl’s with its minty taste and Jurlique Rose Face Mask for in-flight pamper.

Sunglasses is the cliché of all travel cliché. This rose-gold and bronze lenses pair come from Forever21, and while it's currently not it stock, they have a couple of similar ones. they’re effortlessly chic, plus they can protect my eyes from the bright sun (I’m quite light-sensitive). Another thing that goes inside my bag is my houndstooth scarf, an old one I bought at thrift store in Shibuya. 2 years later and this scarf is as soft and warm as ever, plus it’s a style that never goes old.
Long flight means hours of doing nothing if you ended up with boring In-Flight entertainment. I did suffer that back in my Japan trip last year and I’ve learned my lesson. Again, I’m bringing another Japanese book that would surely engross me throughout the 7 hours flight. My phone, earphones, and USB cables are my holy trinity to keep me away from boredom, I have prepared some interesting movies in case the ones provided aren’t interesting.

And finally, camera! The camera that I'm using is Canon eos 600D, as for the lens, it's everyone's favorite nifty fifty; the shallow depth of field can give me nice, romantic bokeh for night photos. I'm taking my kit lenses as well for family shoots since it gives me wider frame. I changed my phone recently and it enables me to take much brighter, clearer photos. You may tune in my instagram for some #tukiseoulstory updates!

Seoul Travel Bag Essentials for fun Seoul trip
What are your travel bag essentials?
ps. I won't be updating until late January, enjoy you days!
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