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5 Helpful Organizing Tools for Blogger

5 Helpful Organizing Tools for Blogger
When I started blogging, there was no organizing involved at all. This resulted in many wasted ideas that cannot be done just because I left it in the corner of my head. I started editorial calendar last summer, and it did such dramatic change to my blogging process; I feel like I’m more in my control of my blog. Here are a couple of helpful tools I use to organize my blog.

Editorial Calendar | ASANA
5 Helpful Organizing Tools for Blogger
My first editorial calendar was in excel spreadsheet which was simple and fuss-free. But as visual-driven person, I want even something as trivial as editorial calendar to be pleasing to the eyes. Asana was introduced to me at work, and last December, I tried importing my editorial calendar to it. It gives me more freedom and flexibility to work, plus enables me to go into details without making my calendar messy or too cluttered. Below is my January calendar and despite how empty it looks like, when you click on every single task, I have all things such as what products to photograph, and post structure, written out.They also allow you to tick off tasks that you’ve done, which is a marmite thing, but if you’re lover of to do list like me, it gives you immense pleasure.

To do List | Rifle Paper & Co
I’m a Riffle Paper & Co convert, thanks to how many bloggers are in love with this dainty-looking stationery brands. Their Let’s Do This! Notepad is, like their other products, made from high quality paper that doesn’t bleed even if I use color gel pens, and makes writing enjoyable. Plus, it comes with box to check once you’re done with your task. I usually mix tasks that I write here with non-blogging things (cleaning up room, groom brows, use clay mask, etc), and only write the task outline; photographs for 2 post, check bloglovin, reply comments, to keep things simple.

Weekly to do List | Rifle Paper & Co
This versatile weekly notepad can be used for everything from planning meals and even outfit. For blogging, I utilize this to write down the details from my previous notepad. It’s practically ASANA but in paper form, of course I leave out some details like post draft that I can store on ASANA. Since I usually blog 2 weeks ahead, the supposed Monday ~ Thursday sections are filled with 4 posts worthy of post outline and photography plans. Friday ~ Weekend is for non-blogging photography plans or blog organizing tasks.

Since I leave the 2 notepads at home, I need another tool for just in case situation when I’m hit with idea while I’m out of the house. I might be the only one, but I just cannot write on my phone; it has to be either on my laptop or a book. I envy bloggers who can write draft to their posts while on the move on their gadget, because I always find my head blank when I’m faced with the situation. This beautiful marble notebook is gift from equally beautiful friend, and I really enjoy filling the empty pages with my ideas which is not limited to blogging only, but also my other creative writing outlets.

Journal | Moleskin
I wasn’t big on scheduling or journal until I lived in Japan and everyone, men to women, are using it. In my opinion, Japan has the best journals in the market, and when I came home, I’m faced with difficulties of finding the right journal with the right flexibility and space. In the end, I settled with Moleskin. I love the quality of their paper and the compactness of their journal. I’m currently using 18 months planner Le Petit Prince to plan everything, including blogging. In here, I also try not to include too many details and keep things in bigger picture, but it’s enough marker to show me which day I should/can work on blogging and when I cannot.

5 Helpful Organizing Tools for Blogger
What are your favorite tools to keep your blog organized?
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