Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Best of February

10 Best things in February
1. Birthdays; there are 4 birthdays and 1 anniversary in February, so there were dinner or lunch every now and then. It’s a good way to spend quality times with your loved ones.
2. Wishlist; I popped up the wishlist widget on my sidebar this month. To be honest, it’s not 100% fixed, there might be a change here and there, but I hope it can help me keeping on track with my spending
3. Decorating my room; I had some storages haul earlier this month with my mom. Now I finally have proper basket for my hair styling products, and emptied a shelf by storing my books away. Less clutter is always better!
4. Creative writings; I have a creative writing outlet somewhere in the internet, and I've been crunching up words after words this month. I think I wrote up to 50k words this month alone.
5. Trying new products; I didn't use the things I bought in Korea until this month began, and so far, they've been doing well, I will come later with proper review/impressions
6. Using up old products; FINALLY; some bottles and tubes have been emptied this month! I think it's time for another round of 'product empties'
7. Planoly; social media planner apps are something I couldn't try before due to my phone's limitation, but this month, I started using Planoly for my instagram. It makes posting everyday such a breeze to do with the schedule function.
8. Picking up reading; I'm guilty as charged when it comes to reading. I bought Quiet by Susan Cain last year but never got around read it. I'm planning to finish it this March.
9. Slow morning; due to work related reason, I suspend my gym membership this month. While it means lack of exercise, it also means more time to enjoy rainy morning of February while sipping on ice coffee and interacting with the lovely baristas before facing my high-paced day.
10. New photo props; I started investing on some photo props more seriously this year. If in 2016, I'm stuck with hair pins (which will still make appearance since they're so lovely), I've been getting some other pieces which you'll hopefully see next month in my photographs.

10 Best things of February
 What are the best things that happened to you in February?
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