Friday, February 3, 2017

Bests of January

Bests of January
  1. NYE with friends; I spent NYE with my friends and my sister, we had sleep over at my place and while for some people streaming year end show is pointless, for us it's the best form of entertainment. We cooked a lot of gooey cheesy meal as well!
  2. Stationeries; vain as it is, I bought a couple of new stationery earlier this month. It's as simple as Rifle Paper & Co. weekly planner, a couple of random note books and journal, but it's enough to give me joy.
  3. New Phone; I've been using Samsung Galaxe Ace duo for two years and it's already obsolete in term of memory; it kept giving me full memory notification and I'm stuck with only twitter & instagram. I swithced to Samsung Galaxy A9 which is a lot bigger in size and memory capacity. Now I can install much more applications like Bloglovin app and even snapchat.
  4. Seoul Trip; I have a whole series of Seoul Trip coming up, so look forward to it! It was short but I had lovely time there.
  5. Living happier; to say that my later half of 2016 was a disaster is an understatement. I might mentioned it a couple of time, but I was struggling with personal problem last year which caused me to be uninspired most of the time. This year, I'm determined to not let it get into me and adopt happier lifestyle; more smile, more gesture of gratitude, more mindfulness, and less excuses.
What are your best moment of January?
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