Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Looking Forward in February

  1. Getting birthday presents for my mom and dad, and their wedding anniversary.
  2. Still birthday related, get some birthday cards, preferably from rifle paper & co. like this one, or this beautiful rose gold floral.
  3. Use up my skincare from last year. While I love Kiehl's MRC to death, I think it's about time i run out of them.
  4.  Hog up chocolates from those Valentine Days campaign. 70% dark chocolate is my heavenly bliss
  5. Make grilled cheese every morning, I recently mastered a quick yet easy grilled cheese recipe!
  6. My room's layout have been the same since last year, and I feel like switching some things up. I'm thinking of getting this shelf from IKEA to display some of my favorite albums.
  7. Buying little trinkets for photo props, something as simple as gold and star sequins is good
  8. Another birthday is coming up by the end of February, a birthday of loveliest friend, and I can't wait for her birthday party!
  9. Actually pop up that wishlist on my sidebar, I didn't have time to do that last month
  10. Even though I just declutter my makeup stash, I feel the need to redo it again because I wasn't being so merciless last time. A couple of oldies like eyeshadow I know I'll ever use anymore needs to go away.
What are you looking forward to in February?
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