Friday, February 10, 2017

My Seoul Diary #1

Welcome to my first installment of Seoul Diary! As you might have known, I went to Seoul for a quick 3 days trip 2 weeks ago. After 7 hours trip, we arrived at Incheon around 8 AM. The temperature was reported to be -4, yet I surprised myself by being completely fine despite my fairly light clothing. After buying T-Money for 3 days trip, we took cabs to Hotel and checked in immediately with no fuss (thankfully). After getting all our things settled, we headed for Myeongdong with N Seoul Tower being our main destination, but we spent about 30 mins getting lost in subway because I’m not used to their system yet and the others weren’t so helpful.

We reached Myeongdong and I could feel are the road-store makeups calling for me, but I resisted and ended up eating piping hot Chicken Galbi at Yoogane. With our stomach (too) full, we climbed all the way to Namsan cable car station for quick ride to N Seoul Tower. The view from up there was absolutely breath-taking, the chilly weather didn’t stop me from energetically snapping photos here and there.

The hanging locks were obviously my target of photo for the day, I took so many of them but here I shared you some of my favorite. I have an unexplainable love for sightseeing from high places, and even if I didn’t get to enter the tower this time, the view from top of the mountain was absolutely breath-taking. Our fatigues were immediately blown away by the stunning scenery and colorful arrays of locks

I would stay longer if it wasn’t for an appointment with my friend at SM Coex Artium, which honestly was the trip’s main high-light for me (typical). We parted with my parent (they went ahead to rest and some shopping) and headed straight to SM Artium where I took picture with SHINee rocky horror show display outside. I literally went oohs and aahs because the whole 5 stories were literal heaven for me and my poor fangirl heart. There were so many photos and displays of SM idols, of course I’d always spot SHINee first. I picked up an album and goodies to décor my phone case at SUM Store, then SHINee Ade & Ice Cream, NCT Ade at SUM Café. The ades were incredibly refreshing with the right kind of sweetness. The ice cream was green-tea flavored with white chocolate icing but I, a green-tea enthusiast, concluded it could be better if the deepen the green-tea taste and unsweetened the white chocolate a little more.

We left around 6, mom went to Laneige so I picked up their eye cream there. We didn’t go straight to hotel but to Dongdaemun Fish Market for dinner (though I didn’t for I was so full). My dad, who’s a lover of fish and fish, absolutely loved that place even though it’s small and cramped. We returned to hotel around 9 pm and although my family went to bed immediately, I didn’t until around 1 am, making quick recaps of the day on my phone and reading some blog posts or watching videos that I missed.

That concluded my 1st day at Seoul. You can see some videos I posted while I was there on instagram under tag #tukiseoulstory
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