Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Seoul Diary #2

It was snowing all over the country on 20th morning, so when we woke up, everything was covered in snow! I haven’t experienced snow in two years, so it was rather nostalgic than anything. I booked travel to Nami Island and they’re late for the heavy snow. It could have taken more than 2 hours long if I go by subway, but with travel bus, it only took around 1 hour and a half (I fell asleep through the ride by the way, typical of me). When we arrived at Nami Island, the snow was very thick already, but it wasn’t falling anymore. We’re taken to ride ferry to cross the lake and got to the actual island.

We’re given an hour and a half free time to explore the island! Nami Island is pretty small, and it probably wouldn’t take an hour if you didn’t stop every now and then. Which we obviously did, by the way. The island is famous for being shooting place of Winter Sonata, one of the most iconic Korean drama of all time. Regardless, you can easily enjoy the beauty of this island, even more so in winter season, and the piling up, thick, warm snow, just made it even more breathtaking. I will just let these photos speak to you about its beauty.

Nearing the end, you’ll find stores and restaurants lining the main street before eventually leading to a three-way with souvenir store that also sells hotteok. Hotteok is Korean Sweet Pancake and my friend recommended to eat hotteok at Nami Island because they’re one of the most delicious she’s tasted. Couple with cold weather, the piping hot, sweet hotteok was heavenly! Since the time was up, we waddled quick through the snowy path back to the ferry. We were taken to eat in this delicious grilled chicken restaurant, and I think I had the best meal in this trip; EVER! If you tried Korean grilled chicken, I really recommend you to wrap them in lettuce because it really makes it 100 times more delicious and healthy.

Mom wanted to ski for whatever reason, so Elysian Ski Resort that is. I’ve never done any winter sport at all before living in tropical country with eternal summer and all, and I’m bad at sports in general. Surprise, surprise! I actually did it better than the rest of my family! Well, ‘better’ since I’m the only one who can properly slide albeit only short, nevertheless, it made me proud because I’m NEVER good at sport, this was the moment that made me realize that; hey, maybe I’m actually made for winter? Because I had little difficulty when trying to skate for the first time too, and the clothes I wore when visiting Nami Island was the least warm compared to my family. A sign that I should move soon? Hmm.

We went back to hotel after that where I spent a long time under hot shower and laze around under the duvet after a long day. That concluded my 2nd day at Seoul. You can see some videos I posted while I was there on instagram under tag #tukiseoulstory
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