Friday, February 17, 2017

My Seoul Diary #3

Third day in Seoul was my last day since we have to catch up with plane the next morning. Today is quiet jam-packed with visiting many tourists spots in Seoul and the weather was freezing -13, once again, I pulled another stunt of wearing thin clothes, but I survived. Sometimes I don’t understand myself. I’d like to apologize first that due to my low camera battery, I didn’t take much photo that day. We started by visiting King Sejong statue, and then moved to Gyeongbok Palace. Despite the bright sun shining down on us, the snow started fluttering down and it got really cold around then. The snowfall lasted around 20 minutes, and despite the cold, I thoroughly enjoy how the white snow flake danced all around us; just made the experience even more special.
Around 10 AM, we watched the Change of Guard Ceremony (which I recorded in my phone because my camera nearly died). Then we moved in to look around the palace; the queen’s garden, the main hall, despite its beauty, Gyeongbeok Palace has quite a dark history, it was somewhat ‘refreshing’ in a sense, gave it element of surprise.

We went to Itaewon after that because mom wanted to shop for souvenirs. The main path of Itaewon is lined up by stores that sell affordable trinkets you can bring home for your loved ones. I bought a set of nail clippers because despite how marmite it sounds, it’s something that comes in handy when you thought you least needed it. We also had a lunch there. I ate octopus bibimpab which spiciness really helped warming me up. Oh! We bought hot pack there as well, it’s life-saver for surviving through the cold as it keeps you fingers and even toes warm for 8 hours and more.

Myeongdong is our next destination. We took hanbok family photo at Goguan Photo Studio, it’s literally the first place that turned up on search engine if you look for ‘Hanbok Photo’. I had prior booking, and since I can speak Japanese, the female manager attended to me easier. We eventually managed to conclude the photo session safely and left with pictures that’re now hanging on our living room wall. I tried the infamous banana milk as well, it's good but as expected, I'm all for deep, bitter green-tea.

After that, we had our dinner at Yoogane, again, because apparently my parents were smitten with that place. I had to take quick solo journey to Lotte Young Mart because there’re things that I gotta buy for my friends, thankfully I didn’t lost my way and managed to reunite with my family who’s browsing through the makeup stores at Myeongdong. They’re literally everywhere so it’s impossible to miss them, I found that even though different brand have different stores, they offer the same thing with the same deal anyways so just popped in inside the first one you see and go wild. We shopped for food souvenirs here as well, I picked up honey butter almonds and green tea choco pies for friends. In our way back to Subway, I bought myself a warm and toasty egg bread as well.

The last destination was Chonggyechon stream. My camera was pretty much dead by the moment so I recorded it on Instagram. Things that I like to do the most during traveling is spending my time doing nothing, just gazing at scenery, and truthfully, that was what I wanted to do as well, except my parents were tired so I only had around 10 minutes there to take blurry photos and threw coins; hoping that 2017 will bring a better me.

We want back to the hotel, I spent another hour packing (because I love packing), and went to sleep so I can wake up early for morning flight. That concluded my last day in Seoul. You can see some videos I posted while I was there on instagram under tag #tukiseoulstory
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