Friday, March 31, 2017

Best of March

1. New furniture; me and mom visited IKEA last February and we ordered new furniture. I’ve been pretty much using the same bed and wardrobe since my 2nd year of elementary school, so we figured it’s time for a change. Both of the bed and wardrobe are from Brimnes series. The bed has 4 storages under the bed which I’ve been dreaming since forever, and the wardrobe is smaller than my previous one but I think it’s perfect size so I can always be reminded not to be frivolous with my clothes spending.

2. New friends: I made new friends this March, they’re bunch of lovely peoples that I met through the internet, and I can’t help but feel this is how friendship is made nowadays instead of meeting new people in actual place (or I’m just that hermit and people still do make friends the proper way).

3. Exercise: I start attending gym again regularly this month, 30 minutes of treadmill really helps making my sleep easier and less guilt when I’m consuming some decadent treats from starbucks (their new blueberry cheesecake is heavenly).

4. Season greetings; making calendar purchase at the time of this year is pretty late, but who am I to resist when my favorite photographer released one? Although I’m more into still life photography, BANANA FISH photographs never fail to amaze me so when she announced reprinting of her calendar, I just had to do it.

5. New blush and eyeshadow; adding more to the pink theme that I want to maintain throughout spring, I bought a red eyeshadow and peach colored blusher from Korean brand The Saem. I was surprised with how pigmented and long lasting the eyeshadow is, definitely exceeded my expectation.

What amazing things happened to you this March?
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