Friday, March 3, 2017

Looking forward in March

5 Things that I'm Looking forward in March
1. Working out; I'm back to exercising this month, hopefully can snatch at least a 30 mins on treadmill thrice a week
2. Getting side projects; I got a couple of small side projects last month from a friend. This month, it will be on bigger scale and even if it means less time to sleep (since I'm also working full-time), it's nice to know I'm helping.
3. Starting non-beauty related blog posts; while I love beauty products, I want to expand my writing a little to something else that I'm also interested in. Watch out for a simple recipe every month ;)
4. Swap coffee for tea; in span of two months, I've been functioning with a grande-sized caffeine and average 3 hours of sleep everyday, which isn't doing good for my health at all. While I don't think I can truly part from coffee, I think switching it with tea can do me some good.
5. Trying out this new Paul & Joe foundation primer that promises your skin an inner glow.

What are you looking forward to this March?
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