Friday, March 10, 2017

Make Your Own Green Tea Latte

Make your own green tea latte at home
As a huge green tea enthusiast, green tea latte or maccha latte is a huge thing for me. I need my green tea latte, or any green tea offering in that matter, to still retain that deep and rich bitterness of green tea instead of being too milky and barely taste of green tea powder at all. Starbucks still has my favorite green tea latte now that I’m no longer in Japan where everyone know exactly how I’d like my latte to be, but sometimes when I’m at home and craving for some green tea latter, I like to make my own latte. I got this recipe from just one cookbook which has another amazing Japanese food recipe on her site.

250 mL milk | 1 tbs hot water | 1 ½ tsp green tea powder (or to your liking, I use 1 tbs) |1 tsp sugar

1. Sift green tea powder to get rid of lumps then mix them with hot water , stir until smooth in the cup you’re intended to use later.

2. On saucepan, heat your milk and sugar over medium heat until small bubbles start appearing. Turn off the heat. If you have frother, you can froth it at this stage, seeing as I do not, I don’t, and it’s okay, the latte still taste amazing.

3. Pour the hot milk into the cup with green tea paste. I like to stir them together before sprinkling some more green tea powder. If it’s too bitter, you’re free to add sugar to your liking. Sip them while they’re hot.

Make your own green tea latte at home
 Have you tried making green tea latte on your own?
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