Friday, June 16, 2017

1st Impressions

Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Moisturizer; I started using this one in hope this could prevent my acnes from forming at all. After a month of usage, I found out that this broke me out. Quick search in internet told me that many people experienced purging when using this one on skin with dirty pores. Needless to say, I laid this down for the time being until my break out is completely taken care of, I still have a couple of acne scars left on my cheeks and chin.

Laneige Water Bank Gel Eye Cream; believe it or not, this is the first time I use proper eye cream in my routine. It has the signature Laneige scent that I personally find pleasant, and feels cooling on the skin. The gel absorbs quiet fast, doesn’t leave my skin sticky either. As for the effect, I know eye cream is something that will show effect with long-term usage, so I cannot say much for now. But I think it helps since even with my constant lack of sleep, I never really look dead with horrible dark circle in the morning.
Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner; like any other toner with ‘clay’ , this toner is dedicated for oily skin. While I do not feel any uh-mazing effect from this toner (since this is toner and many people find it to be a marmite product), I definitely like this more than the previous one I’m using from Kiehl’s. This feels refreshing and cleaning at the same time, something that I’m looking from a toner. Plus, it helps removing some dirt residue from my skin.

UD All Nigher Makeup Setting Spray; I think I don’t need to say much about this highly coveted setting spray; I love it! I understand why people is all over this product, it truly makes difference.

Paul & Joe Protecting Foundation Primer; first of all, I really didn’t expect I’d love this primer so much. I thought this won’t work that well on my oily skin, but how wrong I was. I think there’s never a day when I skip this primer, even when I’m not wearing foundation. This has a very slight tint to it that helps hiding redness and some blemishes, while giving an instant perk up to my skin at the same time. It has heavenly scent as well, so applying this on my skin in the morning (dead 4 AM in the morning) becomes such a joy.

Jill Stuart Mouse Brow Mascara; as a brow noob who had recently overplucked my brow and ended up with uneven brow; THISIS LIFESAVER! It’s amazing how quickly this one fills my brow and makes it stay in place afterward, doesn’t slip even with excessive sweats and washing. Jill Stuart definitely nailed this one!
The Saem Single Blusher OR1; for something that I picked up in a whim, I’m truly surprised with how good this blusher is. It’s not overly pigmented so it can be build up (something I love from a blusher), and it lasts considerably long. The only downside is it’s so powdery so I need to properly tap the brush AND the container after use or I’d end up with messiness everywhere.

The Same Matte Shadow RD1; now, this is the star of the show. I picked up this one when I was looking for the ‘right’ shade of red, and like the blusher, I didn’t have that much expectation toward this dainty little thing. Up until now, it still blows me away with how pigmented and long-wearing it is, for a matte shadow, it definitely isn’t chalky at all, plus it blends like a dream, and did I mention it stays forever without smudging nor creasing? It does better job on my oily lids than TooFaced even. I still have the urge to visit The Saem counter and picked up another color, but for now, this red one will do.

Have you tried any of these products?
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