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5 Jill Stuart Favorites

5 Jill Stuart Favorites

As a brand that often get mention in this blog, of course Jill Stuart deserves another exclusive post. I admit that Jill Stuart product can be a hit or miss on me, despite how much I love them. But once they ticked the boxes, they’re too amazing not to be talked about. Here are 5 favorites of mine.

Nail Polishes; I’ve talked about their nail polishes here. Not only beautifully-made bottles, they also come with beautiful formula. I rarely have problem with neither applying nor removing except for some that came with glitters. They wear beautifully for 3~5 days without chipping. The shades range is more on romantic side with many pinks and nudes, it goes well with their brand identity; something romantic and timeless.

Hand cream; some people might find it marmite but hand cream is something that is actually difficult to get right. Some only have the scent without having moisturizing quality, or it’s hydrating but too sticky. Jill Stuart got it right in every sense; consistency, hydrating and moisturizing, also the heavenly scent. There’s a reason why this is my mom’s favorite.

Blush; it’d be weird to talk about Jill Stuart but not about their blush, it’s equivalent to talk about MAC but not about their lipstick, seeing as it’s their best-selling product. You’d think they’ll turn sheer on my medium-tan skin, but they’re actually quiet vibrant. The medium pigmentation makes it buildable so it’s impossible you can go wrong with it. It also gives your cheeks nice and healthy radiance with their micro-shimmer, I have large pores, but I never have issue with it.

Lip Balm; like hand cream, it sounds simple but finding ‘the one’ for you is not an easy task. I can say this is the best lip balm I’ve ever used. It’s thick but absorbs into lips quickly, giving my lips sheen, moisture, plus a hint of color. It also tastes and smells delicious, as I don’t have problem with fragrance in product, it’s pleasant, but if you have, this might not be the one for you.

Mouse Brow Mascara; I recently talked about this in my 1st impression post. This quickly rose to the top of my favorite brow product! Brow used to be the last of my priority but after this came into my life, filling my brows become such a joy. I love how easily it fills my brow, shape them, and keep them at place at the same time. It doesn’t even take a minute, so hassle free!

Have you tried any of these products?
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