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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Current Bedside Situation

THE BODY SHOP Argan Oil body butter has been my go to as of late, I like to slather this on my skin just before bed after a hot shower. It leaves my skin feeling buttery smooth without being sticky. I cannot not have it on my bedside table.

The sweltering weather lately leaves me parched, so I love to have my tumbler next to me. This was SHINee tumbler from SUM Market, perfect size for icy drink; peach tea with tons of ice cube or cold apple juice.

Ever since it arrived late April, I cannot stop adoring BANANAFISH' photography. She really has the talent. They said you can't take a good photo unless your heart is in it, and her loves toward her object shines.

JONGHYUN's BASE / SHE IS & NCT 127 FIRETRUCK have been on repeat since I'm yet to receive my CHERRY BOMB album. BASE is a classic, MONO-Drama is a song I will never get tired of, same with White T-Shirt. Paradise is perfect song for a sunny day drive. These albums are truly the embodiement of summer.

What do you have on your bedside table?
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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Soft & Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies

Who doesn't love peanut butter? And chocolate? And both of them combined? Chewy, soft cookies with crispy edges? Yumm, you can't deny them. Not with how easy this recipe is; 5 ingredients!

I used to be such a baker girl back in college, whipping batches and batches of cookies or brownies every now and then. I no longer have the luxury of time to bake after started working full time, but the holiday gave me time to revisit my favorite peanut butter cookies recipe.

1 cup  of peanut butter (store-bought. You can use both the creamy one and chunky one. I use creamy skippy for the 'melt in your mouth' kind of cookies, and chunky for extra peanut chunks)
1 cup brown sugar, packed
1 large eggs
1 tbs baking soda
1 cup chocolate chips/chocolate chunks, or, really; go overzealous with them
additional (for me): 1 tsp of vanilla extract

Mix brown sugar, egg, and baking soda on mixing bowl until thoroughly incorporated,

add in the peanut butter and mix again. Enjoy that heavenly peanut butter scent filling your house, proceed with caution; do not dip your finger too much into the batter. I know it's tempting, but; don't. Once is enough,

dunk in the chocolate chips/chunks. Mix again to your liking; use spatula if you wanted the chocolate to be big, or mixer if you want them broken into little pieces and play'peek a boo' in your mouth later,

chill the dough for at least 2 hours, or overnight,

Scoop the dough using small ice cream scoop, place it on baking try with 5 cm between each cookies.

Bake in 250 F for 8~10 minutes. Let it cool, then,

dig in.

 What is your favorite peanut butter recipe?
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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Nail-ing The Summer Blues

Excuse the bad pun, but don't we all love a bad pun? No. Okay, then. It won't stop me from sharing these three gorgeous blue nail polish to rock in summer. They look especially pretty with a little bit of tan.

Imagine chilling by the pool with perfectly done nails; sea-turqoise nails, isn't it just lovely? The most recent addition to my nail polish squad fits the job perfectly;  PAUL & JOE La Piscine. Unlike other muted-blue that can turn ashy, this shows up as true turqoise. The formulation is also something I incredibly love; one swipe for rich, opaque goodness.

Blue and silver can do no wrong in my opinion, they're made for each other. Hence why this polish from JILL STUART is a perfect pick for summer. Observant Virgo is a lovely sapphire blue polish with silver glitter that adds a touch of fun onto your nails.

CHANEL Vibrato might not be my favorite in term of formulation but I have to admit that this particular shade of blue looks really great against my medium-olive skin. It dries well, the glossy finish also never fail to make me swoon.

What are your summer blushers pick?
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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summer Flush

The sweltering heat calls for healthy and glowing, which means highlighter for so many people, and cheeks for some other; like me! I have large pores, so choosing summer-appropriate blush that often comes with shimmer/glitter for that extra glow, can be intimidating. Right formula makes such big differences when it comes to these kind of blushers.

There's no doubting my love for BOBBI BROWN blush in Nectar. It's not as raved as other high end blushers, I personally find it baffling with how incredible this blush is. Biled as matte, this actually comes more as 'satin' in term of finish with the way it makes my cheeks glow in a very natural way. Packed with insane lasting power, you don't have to worry about sweat melting this off from your skin.

I'd say JILL STUART blush is the Japanese equivalent of Hourglass' blushers except I never try them, but if descriptions in internet is right, then this pretty much is. Imparting beautiful radiance onto the cheeks, with it's medium pigmentation, you can never go overboard with this dreamy peachy-pink blusher.

Picture doesn't do this dainty little thing justice. THE SAEM was under my radar until I picked this blush on a whim. While the formula is sub-par compared to the previous two, this is still a beautiful blusher in term of finish. The golden flecks look intimidating on pan, but upon application, it doesn't emphasize my pores at all, delivering a subtle golden sheen onto my skin.

What are your summer blushers pick?
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Saturday, July 8, 2017

5 Products I cannot Live without

"Products I cannot Live without" is such a classic post for blogger. While I do not have them for makeup category, skincare is a whole another story. My skin condition is heavily reliant on the products I used, once I found the right routine, I'm not inclined to change just for the sake of trying new product if it means 'jeopardizing' my skin's health.

For years, I've been loyal user of SHISEIDO Perfect Whip, exactly because of how good it is. It's thick, creamy, and lathered up right with foaming net gives you such a dense ball of foam for heavenly cleansing experience. Whenever I tried to swerve lane by using another cleanser, my skin gets bad, maybe this cleanser is cursing me or something to use it forever.

No brand does oil like KIEHL's do. Their Midnight Recovery Oil is a coveted product for a reason, and while not as hyped, Blemish Clearing Cream is another gem in their lines. Combo of this to every night blesses me with happy, clearer skin in the morning.

The very first product that shows actual effect on my skin is Essential Balancing Emulsion from Laneige. It's mouthful, what's with emulsion and all, but to put it simply; this is moisturizer for oily skin that also comes with UH-MAZING skin clearing effect. I noticed that after using this, my acne scar fades faster. Not what I expected from product that's not marketed as such, adds another reason to love it.

Okay, so this is technically cheating since I said I have none from makeup category, do forgive me for I really, truly cannot live without this one. For years I stay away from MAYBELLINE's eye product since they refuse to go along with my oily lids, until this one. Lash Sensational is favorite of many, and I can see why. I can skip the curling step, yet I get the fluttery and curling effect just the same.

What are products you cannot live without?
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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Favorite One Wash Wonders

For someone who talks about beauty, I'm actually on the 'rubbish' side when it comes to applying eye shadow, I cannot even do smokey eyes right to safe a life (ahem - my sister's life ,actually). Either it's my incompetency or I'm just too into 'energy-saving' when it comes to it. One-wash wonder is more my thing, especially these three.

BURBERRY Gold Pearl; you might be thinking 'oh, this again?', which is exactly the testament of how much I love this eye shadow. Burberry's color range might not be exciting for some people (brown and nude and neutrals), but for me, the whole charm of its eye shadow lies in its formula. Easily applicable with buttery texture, lack of cough-inducing powderiness, intense pigmentation with glow-inducing finish; exactly what you'd want from such luxurious product.

NARS Isolde; my most recent eyeshadow purchase quickly make it to the list, no wonder. I'm smitten with the golden color which has slight orange-ness on it, either because it's actually there or because of my skin color. The shade actually makes the ey eshadow more dimensional than being the classic gold, taking away the 'boringness' of one-wash wonder.

ZOEVA Caramel Melange; shade '18 C' is 'dearly abused' ever since I got my hand on this palette. The only downside about this palette is its powderiness, yet it doesn't stop me from applying this pearl orange shadow on my lids.

What are you favorite one wash wonders?
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